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Emiliano Rio will have inspiration in the 50s

Restored furniture, indoor gardens, hollow blocks and old flooring. All with a 50s aura. That’s how, in search of carioca’s glamor from carnival parties from the past, that Emiliano Hotel in Rio plans to open its doors in early 2016 “The idea is to have a retro mood, but in a contemporary building, with exclusive services and one of the best views of Copacabana “, explains Gustavo Filgueiras, Chief Executive Officer at Emiliano Hotel in Sao Paulo.

He has personally approved the purchase of vintage materials such as furniture, which will be renovated and restored as needed. The carioca facility will have 98 rooms, about ten per floor, with a whole floor dedicated exclusively for events and one for the SPA, in addition to the rooftop which will boast a pool.  This bath area, moreover, intends to take the term “exclusivity” literally. “It will be a swimming pool for guests, not for the hype,” says the entrepreneur.

Half of the suites have a sea view and most of them will have more than 50m2 space. Another highlight of the project will be a landscaped area designed for the inside of the hotel. “The neighborhood is very busy and we want the guest to check in and feel protected, including from noise. It will be an oasis, as discrete and unique as the hotel in Sao Paulo, but heavily influenced by the carioca culture, “says Filgueiras.

In order to make hotel guests have a richer experience of Rio, hiring a sports master is in the plans. This employee will be responsible for creating a schedule of outdoor activities and monitor a team to accompany guests on climbs, runs and bike rides. “Rio is a great city for this,” he says.

The building begins to be built later this year, on the ground that was previously occupied by the Austrian Consulate until the mid-2000s and sold for around R$ 30 million. The new Emiliano Rio project is led by architect Arthur Casas São Paulo and has a budget around R$ 100 million.